Mr Saltys Adult Emporium Adventure 1

Welcome to Mr. Salty's. What is this place? Salty's is a porno paradise. It's the sleaziest adult DVD shop you can imagine in the front, paired with an even sleazier strip club in the back. Salty's is so full of sexual indulgence, even its back room strip club has a back room! That's where all the action takes place. Meet Lyra Lockhart, Salty's first seductress who wanders in with her hands full of little notes. Lyra casually strolls through the DVD racks and the guys browsing them, slyly handing out her handwritten notes to the men (even the clerk behind the counter). Each note has a sexy message on it, like "I'm not wearing any panties," or "I'm half your age." Lyra uses these to tempt the guys into following her into the strip club. It doesn't take long for all of them, including the clerk, to make their way to the stage to watch Lyra give a steamy striptease. Once she's half naked and has the guys fully turned on, she leads them back to the darkened, secret room behind the strip club. This is where it gets hot! Lyra already has her tits out and an open mouth, waiting for somebody to fill it. It doesn't take long for a sea of naked guys to surround her and give her all the dicks she can suck. With Lyra's expert oral skills, the cumshots start flying across her cute face and onto her big, natural boobs. Lyra takes nearly a dozen loads in her mouth, on her face, and all over her tight body. This leaves her with a creamy mess from head to toe. All her men quietly file out the back door, very satisfied. An equally satisfied Lyra exits Mr. Salty's with a huge smile and a whole lot of dried cum on her face. This is the kind of lusty excess you can expect at Mr. Salty's. Come back next time when another girl will seduce a new group of unsuspecting guys in the sexiest, sleaziest backroom on the planet!

Featuring:  Lyra Lockhart
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