Teasing Daddy Episode 1

So teasing daddy is all about that. Luna does just that, she teases her step dad while her mom is away. They need to go pick her up at the airport, but they have some naughty fun before that. She rolls out of bed half dressed then takes a shower while her creepy step dad watches her. They carry in some groceries and oops she drops an orange. She slowly picks it up, she bends way over and she isn't wearing any panties. Step daddy gets quite the view. She smiles, she knows exactly what she is doing. She decides to lay out in the pool in a sexy bikini for a bit while her step dad cleans the pool. She is such a good little tease. They sit down on the couch together and start looking at their phones. They get closer and closer and it just happens. They start to kiss and caress each others bodies. He starts to feel her soaking wet pussy and then starts to lick it. She pulls his hard cock out of his shorts and starts sucking his dick. They know they are not supposed to be doing this, but do it any ways. She jumps on his cock and starts riding fast and deep. They fuck in all different positions and he gives her a big cum load right into her pussy, she loves creampies. They get dressed and go pick up her mom from the airport. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.

Stills from the Video