About Heather Summers

A video game fanatic with a love for Star Trek and other forms of sci-fi, Heather Summers could kick your butt at World of Warcraft and wear you out between the sheets. A busty blonde who loves stripping it off for the camera, Heather is surprisingly well behaved in her personal life. Not much of a drinker, she likes kicking back at home in her pajamas and saving all of the naughtiness for when the public is watching.

Vital Stats

Age:   22
Height:   5'3''
Measurements:   34D-26-34
Astrological Sign:   Leo
Marital Status:   In a relationship
Favorite Position:   Doggy
Fun Fact:   Heather says "When I'm not working I pretty much stay indoors. I'm a big homebody. I love just cuddling on the couch and watching AWESOME reality shows or playing video games."

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