About Maya Gates

Born in Bucharest, Romania, brunette beauty Maya Gates began her career in the adult entertainment at around 19 years of age. She graduated from Abraham Lincoln University in Los Angelas with a professional degree in 2008 and continues to model for the adult industry.

Vital Stats

Age:   5'4''
Height:   23
Measurements:   34C-25-34
Astrological Sign:   Capricorn
Marital Status:   Single
Favorite Position:   Anal
Fun Fact:   Maya Gates lists Saturday Night Fever as her favorite movie and Samale as her favorite food.

" 'ello, I am Maya", our sizzling babe says with her adorable accent. "Do you think your members will like me?", she asks. Oh Maya, we think our members will more than just like you. The reason scientists work on cloning machines is to make more of you. In the meantime we're happy to say here's the one and only Maya Gates on

Photos of girls wearing jeans skirts is already very popular with many of you so we figured it's a good idea to have Maya wear the skimpy pair she wore when she came to the set. Judging by her smile it looks like she's very comfortable in it too. But either way, this is Aziani so as comfy as it may be that jeans skirt eventually needs to go. Eventually, Maya...

More of Eurobabe Maya Gates coming up today! Maya really enjoyed shooting with the Aziani crew in California. We'd like to think it's our handsome appearances but it's more likely the warm weather had something to do with it. That and HBO.

She's back! We knew Mya's photos and videos would knock your socks off. And maybe a few other things too. She is such an exotic gilr..such dark brown eyes and beautiful black hair. Not to mention that soft tan skin. She looks good enough to eat!

Welcome new Aziani babe Maya Gates! This Euro-hottie had a great time getting naughty for the Aziani crew in California. Today's set is a special treat for nylon lovers: Maya shows off her long gams encased in crotchless black pantyhose - and that's not all our fiery brunette exposes...