about us
About Us
Buzz Aziani
Aziani.com is the brainchild of internet veteran Buzz Aziani. For over 8 years he and his wife Rachel have been shooting and creating the RachelAziani.com site, among many others... Buzz realized that most adult sites lacked the very thing people joined sites for in the first place: quality content, with hot girls doing the naughtiest things. Over the past 11 years, Buzz has amassed several thousand hours of video footage and literally hundreds of thousands of high-quality images. RachelAziani.com's network of sites already provided a fantastic value to members, but Buzz felt there was an even better way. The idea to create one Super site, Aziani.com, was born. Aziani.com was to have no boundaries and no limits: this site was to feature the highest quality, the hottest girls, the most personality, the best value to members and of course the hottest, sexiest content possible. Buzz still shoots and produces high-quality video and photos for Aziani.com and there are no plans to quit. Always pushing the envelope, Buzz is determined to make Aziani.com the best adult site on the web. He appreciates your feedback on Aziani.com and understands that without you, the member, none of this would be possible.
Rachel Aziani
Rachel's own site, RachelAziani.com, was one of the first personality driven adult sites on the web. Due to her sites' success, more personality sites followed that were created and operated by Buzz and Rachel both. Rachel is actively involved with the girls and running her site as well as Aziani.com. RachelAziani.com started in 1999 and is going strong....she plans to be around for a very long time. She is famous for her genuinely positive attitude and her ability to cheer people up. She is an extremely positive person and that shows in her photos, videos and live cam shows. Bottom line, she loves what she does and it shows! Her dream is to one day operate a large shelter for abused and neglected pets.