One Lucky Bastard

Aaliyah and Reagan are back after an afternoon of day drinking, and they brought Mitt back for a little fun... This lucky bastard is about to have the time of his life. As they make their way to the bedroom things are about to heat up. They start to undress their hands moving everywhere. Kissing and fondling it's getting warmer. They get their clothes off and start tasting each other. Kissing and eating. If only Mitt had known how great this night was going to turn out. After getting the girls out of their clothes its time for them to do the same for him. They get his pants off and suck his hard cock getting him nice and ready for what's about to go down. Finally they get right down to it, Mitt fucks them in every position he can. While he's taking care of one end, the girls are still having fun at the other end, the switch back and forth having a GREAT FUCKING TIME. Finally when he can take no more, Mitt unleashes a MONSTER load all over Reagans gorgeous tits. Aaliyah being the good friend she is has no problem licking them clean and giving Reagan a taste. They snowball the cum back and forth kissing and making out before they call it a night.

This guy Mitt, sure is one Lucky Bastard.