Wet Wedding Planner Episode 1

So Melissa Lynn is getting married and needs a wedding planner to help her plan her special day. However Melissa has something more on her mind than getting married. She found Mercedes Carrera online and not only did she love her work, but was attracted to her beauty. Melissa scheduled an appointment with her with only one thing in mind, fucking her. She doesn't have a lot of experience with girls, but knew from the moment she met her, she had to have her. Mercedes comes over to her house to interview for the job and they instantly click. They have this amazing chemistry, Mercedes didn't know what was going to happen, but Melissa sure did. She asks her into her bedroom and starts talking about her new vibrator. Mercedes thought that was a little odd, but went with it. Mercedes has had a lot of experience with girls and was willing to show her how it was done. She used the vibrator on her big clit and that got her super horny. The girls start to kiss and that's all it took. Their sexy big lips touch and things got hot and heated right away. Mercedes takes off Melissa's shirt and kisses her nipples, then Melissa helps her take off hers. They both have big beautiful titties. The make out as Melissa strips off the rest of her clothes. She puts her ass up in the air showing her perfect round ass. Mercedes licks her ass cheeks and rubs her wet pussy. She rolls over and she starts to lick her pussy good. Mercedes gets totally naked next and it's her turn for Melissa to lick her big clit and soaking wet pussy. Melissa rolls over and again and Mercedes licks her pussy and asshole. She uses the vibrator on her until she cums hard. Mercedes gets ready to ride Melissa's face. She pulls out her big excited clitoris and Melissa licks and sucks it until she cums on her face. They lock legs and start tribbing with the vibrator between their legs. They grind and rub until they both cum hard. Needless to say she got the job.

Stills from the Video