Eden Sin is Blowin Off Work

Little Miss Eden. She's always trying to be a good girl. She just can't seem to get it on track. Lately she hasn't been the best girl or daughter. Her parents are almost at their wits end with her. She's always sneaking out, or sneaking her boyfriend in. Sending him dirty pictures, and all around up to no good. Her parents they just don't want her to end up like her older sister. Eden's gonna show them, she's got a brand new job, the only problem is it's not quite a traditional a gig. She needs a ride, so her daddy happily obliges her. On the way he re-iterates his displeasure with his little daughter and her antics. She promises she's going to do better though she knows she's lying even as she speaks the words. Once daddy drops off his little girl with a smile and some sugar, we find out what it is that she's really up to...

She's Blowin' Off Work. Instead of taking phone calls, Eden's taking loads. She'll earn enough money to move out of mommy and daddies basement in no time!

Featuring:  Eden Sin
Tags:  Brunettes, Natural, Shaven Pussy

Video Length: 43:46

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